Tips for Realtors: Liquidating an Estate

Being a Los Angeles estate sale company we work with tons of realtors selling estates in the LA area. It’s a shock that this is my first time compiling a tip list for all our realtor friends, but I finally did it! And since I think this information will be helpful to our clients as well I wanted to share it here for everyone to see.

What To Do Before You Call Us

▪ Determine with your client the timeline to have an estate sale or do a clean out which
includes doing a charitable donation and junk removal as needed.
▪ Is it best to proceed prior to listing the home or during the escrow period?
▪ Are there any items you want to remain such as appliances, potted plants, lighting fixtures
▪ If there is an HOA, have you or your client received written approval to have an estate
▪ If you can, please take photos of each room of the home and email them to
us, you can find the appropriate sales rep on our contact page. This will help us determine
the best route for your client and save both you and I time!

Advice For Your Client

▪ Decide what you or family members want to keep before we schedule a free consultation.
▪ Don’t start throwing things away on your own other than financial/ medical/personal documents. We’ve found items of value in dumpsters before!!!

Stay calm! This can be a very overwhelming experience for many people and families but with our assistance, they will start to feel an immense sense of relief with the direction and support we will provide.

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