We love it when we hear our clients singing our praises, that means they’re happy, and that’s why we do what we do. At Succor Estate Sales we value honesty and integrity, and we honor the relationship we have with our clients. We hope to have you singing our praises soon!

Malibu – Matt


When I had an urgent need last November to find a reliable estate liquidator I was drawn to Succor as I felt the name both demonstrated intelligence and held promise. After interviewing the owner, Melissa, reviewing the contract, and seeing that she really knew how to value high end household items and market the sale I felt highly confident that Succor would do a good job with this rather uniquely furnished Malibu home. Succor’s personnel were absolutely fantastic and the results exceeded my expectations. The entire team is so professional that there’s no need to look elsewhere.

- Matt Y.

Client Estate Sale Reviews

Woodland Hills

I recently sold my house and I am so lucky to have chosen Melissa to handle my Estate Sale needs. I relocated to the Tampa Bay area and I had to sell virtually everything I owned. Melissa took care of every little detail and made the process very easy for me and my wife. She is professional, honest, very hard working and just a pleasure to work with. She knows her business well and knows how things should be priced so when the 3 day sale was over and the money was totaled, I received about double what I expected and I had high expectations. Melissa is as good as it gets and is the best in the business. Thank you so much and good luck with my dad's sale.


- Don O.

Tarzana Estate Sale Review


First I would like to thank particularly Stacy who took care our 3 days estate sales in Tarzana. She was so great to deal with. My family couldn't have found some people more honest and knowledgable to handle such a big home full of valuable antiques. At the end we received exactly what they estimated. Melissa gave us a full list of all the items sold with the receipts. I want to recommend Succor to anybody who is looking for a competent, organize, and reliable estate sales company.


- Vanessa B.

Brentwood Estate Sale Review


I was selling my family home in Brentwood (parents lived there over 50 years) and needed to sell a very large and eclectic collection of "stuff". I interviewed four estate sale companies (and talked to several more on the phone) before selecting Succor. I could not be happier with the choice, Melissa and her people were professional, worked extremely hard and always had a smile on their faces.

We received almost twice what had originally been estimated by the various companies and I give Melissa a huge amount of credit for the great result. She understood the fair value of our items and was great with the buyers. She was never pushy, always presented options when it came to items we might keep out of the sale, reduce in price, or hang tough on - a truly genuine, honest person.

I would recommend Succor to anyone looking for an estate sale company. I would add that in addition to handling everything so well Melissa was just a joy to work with. She made a hard task a truly enjoyable experience. Succor is a great company. If you're looking for a stellar estate sale give Melissa and her team a call, you won't be disappointed.


- Josh G.

Manhattan Beach Estate Sale Review

Manhattan Beach

I was overwhelmed by the challenge of selling my uncle’s house and its contents in Manhattan Beach which was made more complicated because I live in Arizona.  The house sold quickly and I was faced with closing escrow in less than three weeks.  I am so grateful my realtor referred Succor Estate Sales!  Stacy Browner viewed the property with my realtor and scheduled the sale saving me a trip to California.  Stacey kept me informed through email and phone calls every step of the way during sorting through the contents and the sale itself.  Her valuation of the art work, collectables and furniture in the home brought a greater return than I imagined.  The morning after the sale the unsold items were picked up by charity, and junk haulers completed the emptying of the house that afternoon.  Itemized receipts were provided for items that were sold and donated for the trust records. 

Stacey’s competence and professionalism were evident from beginning to end and I could not be happier with the service I received.  Thank you for making such a difficult time for me into one that was effortless and stress free.  I highly recommend Succor Estate Sales!

- Candy C.

Re / Max Estate Properties

Re / Max Estate Properties

It has been a pleasure to work with Stacy. She was very professional throughout and attended to every detail of the estate sale, including charity donation and junk removal. However clean and well-kept a home is, it is not easy to organize and sell 50 years' worth of accumulated items so proficiently. Stacy was efficient, personable, pleasant and honest. She did a great job and I recommend her to anyone who needs to do an estate sale. 


- Filiz T.

Simi Valley Testimonial

Simi Valley

Succor Estate Sales came highly recommended to my husband and I through a family member who had a very successful sale with them. We were very glad we followed through with that recommendation after discovering how much we accumulated over 17 years! If it weren't for Melissa and Nanette we would never have closed escrow in time. They were absolutely amazing with organizing, pricing, and selling everything, and they left the house in pristine condition when the sale was over. Melissa organized a charity organization to donate items that didn't sell then brought in a hauling company for any remaining items. Melissa and her staff are a pleasure to work with! We received a complete itemized list of everything that sold along with corresponding receipts. We highly recommend using this company and we will use them again in the future. Very professional. All of our neighbors we how organized they were and how the sale was handled.

- Lana O.

Woodland Hills – Wendy

Woodland Hills

Thank you for your professionalism and compassion for our loss. With the short amount of time we had to get it all together for the closing of escrow, everything went so well. All of the items were out and picked up promptly. With only a few days to finalize it all I was extremely pleased and relieved. You and you’re people did a wonderful job sorting, tagging, and displaying, and providing itemized information for auditing. We appreciate all you did.

I was thrilled the donation crew you lined up, they were extremely helpful in moving everything and in prepping it for removal and timely pickup. You managed to coordinate everyone to accomplish the tasks within such a little amount of time. Again, Thank you!

- Wendy D.

Hollywood Estate Sale Company Review


Melissa and her team completely relieved the burden of clearing out and selling 60 years of contents of my grandmothers home and did so with over the top organization and professionalism and are also all very nice people to work with!

The Breakdown:
Our sale took place in Hollywood and I was initially very worried that we wouldn't even profit from the sale because they charge a $3000 minimum and we were not selling any of the valuable furniture. In making my decision, Melissa did not put any pressure on me either way, she was very nice and accommodating and willing to go over other options that I had. I ultimately decided to take the chance and do the sale and I am so glad I did!!

...Melissa handled her company in a way that other companies claim is impossible. She is smart, hardworking and very easy to work with. Having an estate sale can be stressful and daunting and she made it great!! Thanks so much Melissa, I am grateful that we were able to work with you!!


- Julie S.

Century City Estate Sale Review

Century City

I have used Melissa now 2 times to sell my very high end antiques plus other stuff stuff stuff. She is smart, organized, reliable, neat clean tidy...what else can I say? She gets results. She is simply the best plus she is adorable and so kind. She will get anything appraised that you want to sell by the best people possible. This gal truly gets the job done. You can count on her 100%. Just love her, a 5 star job. 


- Rhonda O.

South Bay Brokers – Susan Bottner

South Bay Brokers

As a realtor, I run across families dealing with the issue of "stuff" surrounding a loved one passing all the time. I've been through it myself when both my parents passed away. I recommended Succor Estate Sales to a client recently, and they took care of my clients and left them with a big sense of relief, and also a big amount of money after the sale.  


- Susan B.

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty - Rancho Palos Verdes

I am so glad that we chose to call Stacy to orchestrate an estate sale for our clients instead of moving forward with our planned yard sale. The amount of work, the organization and results were staggering. Definitely plan to work with them again.


- Leslie G.

Woodland Hills – Veena

Woodland Hills

I recently rightsized my life moving out of a large home where my children had grown up in to a modern but smaller condominium. Succor Estate Sales and Melissa Arnold took away the pain and labor of sorting through a house overflowing with chachki’s, furnishings and a garage full of hobbies and other stuff that accumulates in the multiple years of living in the same house.

I handed over my house keys to Melissa and her team and they took care of the rest. Selling what could be sold, packaging and giving things away to charity including creating an itemized receipt, cleaning and junking away everything that couldn’t be sold or given away. I feel blessed and really lucked out when I found them on google.

- Veena M.

Moorpark – Melinda


When my aunt died suddenly & my family was in shock and grieving I needed help selling the contents of her estate in Moorpark. I interviewed seven people and chose Melissa/Succor because of her impecable taste and sincere attitude. Not only did she offer lower fees but her staff was incredibly sensitive and thorough in dealing my uncle and the mixed feelings he had about letting go of my aunts belongings.

They sold almost everything in 3 days and arranged to have what didn’t sell picked up & donated. They left the place clean and ready to show for an open house the following week. I highly recommend Melissa and her staff.

- Melinda F.

Torrance Estate Sale Review


This firm saved our mental attitude about moving. The group walked into an un-organized house, reorganized every item into appropriate categories, priced the items checking the prices on expensive items, managed the two day sale, contacted a charity for all donations, and the removal of all junk. A professional act working with our schedule and multiple date changes due to the close of escrow. 

We were given a detailed entry of all sales, and all donations.

Overall rating: 5 stars!!

- Liz B.

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