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July 4th Weekend in Rancho PV

Rancho PV estate sale starts Saturday and ends Monday. 

We’re not crazy enough to host an estate sale ON the 4th of July but it seems we are just crazy enough to host one over the weekend, and to extend it into Monday. I never really liked the idea of hosting an estate sale during a holiday weekend because I assume we won’t see as many of your friendly faces as we’re used to! Ya’ll proved that to be wrong when we hosted an amazing four day estate sale over Memorial Weekend in Palos Verdes Estates. I’m still thinking about all of the pretty things we sold over there! 

This Saturday – Monday we’ll be in Rancho Palos Verdes celebrating our independence to choose to laboriously work over a holiday weekend, and we really hope to see a whole lot of you! This sale has turned out to be an estate sale we love being able to present; one with lust-worthy items in excellent vintage condition. In my opinion the note-worthy vintage items are naturally the hand-woven Persian rugs because they are things beauty and skill (and because I’m obsessed with them), but just as beautiful and skillful, though not my hoard of choice are the Victorian period quilts with provenance. The chairs and benches in this estate sale had me at first sight too!

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Estate Sale featuring Unique Vintage Home Decor

We were recently contacted for an estate sale with a pretty quick turn-around. When Stacy went to see the property her good eye spotted a few pieces that intrigued her, and even though a majority of the home was packed away into boxes she decided we should host the estate sale.

Stacy has good eye people, because this sale is frankly bitchin’! This isn’t a house that is jam packed (even though there are four coffee tables, two dining tables, and a whole slew of chairs) but it definitely packs a good punch. Those dining tables… RAD. One is brass (I totally heart brass), and the other is Spanish Revival style with matching chairs and buffet. Speaking of Spanish Revival there are six children’s chairs, six! These thing sell over at 1st Dibs for $500-800 a piece, and I honestly love the ones we have available to you better than a lot of what’s available there. Designers take note!

Not to mention all of the decorative pieces collected from Greece; hand-painted bowls, Lipasmata translucent vases, hand-painted bowls, decorative plates, hand-painted bowls. Okay, there are about as many as I just mentioned but I love hand-painted antique/vintage bowls. Speaking of things I love, next to pottery it’s textiles and have we got a table piled high with vintage textiles for you to dig through, and in excellent condition. 


Check out the listing page for more photos and information about this LA Estate Sale. 

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Estate of southern California artist, Pat Cox

I’m getting so excited about the estate sale happening this weekend! We’re in PV Estates once again and this time we’re surrounded by art chosen and created by Pat Cox, a watercolor and assemblage artist who lived in southern California most of her life. Many of the pieces are created by other local artist who I imagine Mrs. Cox was friends with.

You can read about Pat Cox, at the Pasadena Society of Artist website

Mrs. Cox’s mother was one of the founding members of the Pasadena Playhouse and her husband, Dale Cox, served in WWII. You’ll find some of his vintage Navy uniforms, medals, a selection of model airplanes. 

Beside all the art filling this home there is also a great selection of art books, art supplies, some stunning pieces of pottery, and there are a couple of furniture pieces that I’m just lusting over. 

For more information about this estate sale check out our listing here

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