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A great photographer… and she loved to shop!

Our next estate sale is in the Cheviot Hills area of Los Angeles, for those who don’t know it’s central. Think the neighborhood between Century City and Culver City. A wonderful little pocket where our clients lived for over fifty years! That’s 5-0, talk about commitment! Can you just imagine the wonderful things we are uncovering while working our butts off to get this estate sale ready for all of you!? It’s exciting. 

The lady of the house was an amateur photographer and dare I say professional shopper. Her personal vibe was 100% ethnic, there are so many amazing vintage caftans and tribal print clothing. The jewelry case at this one is nothing like we’ve ever had, 100’s upon 100’s of pieces of sterling silver (sorry guys we’re not selling anything for melt value), loads of Navajo pieces, some Danish pieces; cuffs, pendants, clip-on earrings, brooches, and more. There are turquoise pieces and some jade! I’m telling you, this stuff is sooooo good. 

And we’re so lucky that we get to sell some of her wonderfully mounted photographs too! She really had an eye for composition and wasn’t shy about taking photos of natives while traveling… which they did a lot of. You guys are going to love this stuff!! You’ll also find a whole bunch of ephemera they acquired while traveling to South America, Africa, and other exciting regions.  

Maybe the love of shopping came from the fact that the man of the house started one of the first mail order catalogs. Hey, we have a bunch of fun, quirky, items that came from that catalog as well!! 

And for all of you book lovers this is a couple that loved to read! There are hundreds of books including some (read: tons of) first editions. 

Any textile hoarders may have found the mecca for table linens at our LA estate sale. You’re welcome! 

Check out the listing page for more information about this awesome estate sale. 


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Small & Good

What happens when people with a love for quality, designer, vintage move or redesign their home? They call us, the people who host estate sales, estate sale companies, and we love to oblige. It’s not often that we host sales that are not complete estates but the stuff was too good and the owner who I met when I visited this Brentwood home a few weeks ago has way to much style for me not to sell her stuff. I just wanted to help because I know some of my followers are going to be super excited by some of the finds. So this weekend we’re hosting a smally but goody estate sale. 

Think Modernica case study desk, Like-a-Bike, Little Marc Jacobs, and Prada for the ladies, Rosenthal for Illy espresso cups,  and OMG those gorgeous J. Baekmark dining chairs!!!

We’re also bringing a whole slew of vintage lithographs and serigraphs from a different client – stuff you’ve never seen before, I promise! Vintage 60’s spin art too. 

See this estate sale listing page for more information. 

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Two Los Angeles Estate Sales, One Fabulous Weekend

This weekend is going to be awesome for attending a Succor estate sale! You have two estate sales in Los Angles proper to choose from and they are only the Sepulveda Pass away from one another. It really won’t take you more than a quick fifteen minutes to get from one to the other and both are 100% worth attending! 

Visit us our Bel Air estate sale if you’re looking to add a bit of whimsey to your home decor. Think antique postal wall and carousel horses. Fun!! Sneak peak photos by checking out my favorite pieces on our blog. Or visit the listing page for a detailed list. 

The Tarzana estate sale is full of name brand crystal, china, collectible figures among some designer quality furniture. Think Baccarat, Gucci (home ware), Stuben, Royal Doulton and more. Plus a stunning bar! To see how much our client paid for said bar check out my blog post. For more details about what you’ll find in this estate sale the listing page is for you. 

We hope to see you at BOTH LA estate sales this weekend!! 

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My Favorite Things – Estate Sale in Tarzana

Come to this Tarzana estate sale prepared to spend time! The house is packed full of really nice stuff and it’s apparent that the family loved to entertain. The home interior was designed by a professional and you’ll find interior designer quality furniture, including a gorgeous Mikhail Loznikov acrylic dining room table and a bar our client spent $50,000 on (I was sold when I saw the brass sink!). 

Don’t forget the holiday’s are around the corner and you’ll be looking for good entertainer items soon. You’ll get better quality with designer names attached at cheaper prices when you come to this Tarzana estate sale – start hoarding for the holidays!! 

For more information about this Tarzana estate sale check out the listing page

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My Favorite Things – Estate Sale in Bel Air

Full of special pieces that create an air of whimsey, this is one of those estate sales that just doesn’t come around all that often. Our clients were discerning collectors who loved the theatre (so many playbills!), raised their family in Los Angeles and enjoyed a bit of Hollywood adventure – they raised a lion cub for Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve. I’m so excited to be able to bring this estate sale with truly one-of-a-kind pieces to the Los Angeles estate sale people! 

For more information about this Bel Air estate sale check out the listing page

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