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We do everything we can to ensure your property is completely liquidated, but no matter how good the estate sale there will be something leftover. We will always leave the property broom-cleaned. But we also offer clean-out services for the remaining items if you require it. These estate sale services are also available to those who either do not want to host an estate sale or who would not benefit from one.


When claiming a donation of goods as a tax-deduction it is not only required but also to your benefit to provide an itemization of all goods. Succor Estate Sales will handle everything, from packaging and pick-up of goods by a reputable charity organization to providing you with an itemized spreadsheet that includes photos and values of goods, in digital and print format.

Our fee is 15% of the donation total. If you require the home to be emptied of non-donatable items as well, see Household Clean-Outs for details.


If you have a house that needs to be emptied of non-saleable debris Succor Estate Sales can provide a complete clean-out service. This service is fee-based, we will happily provide a free estimate. Services provided include:

  • Emptying every room on the property
  • Removal of debris, including foodstuff, accumulated papers, etc.*
  • Scheduling the arrival and removal of a dumpster if needed
  • Appliance removal
  • Vacuuming / sweeping all floors (leaving the property broom-cleaned)
  • Carpet pull-up and disposal
  • Cleaning all rooms, and wiping down all wall and floor surfaces

*We cannot remove hazardous materials or chemicals; your local Public Works can advise you on the method for disposing of them in your community.


We now offer as part of our estate sale services home staging with existing furniture to keep your costs down and your profits up. When you hire Succor Estate Sales to stage your home you’ll get a team of designers who know what to keep and what can be thrown away, ensuring a successful estate sale once the home has been sold. We will organize closets and cupboards to show well, box items that won’t and store them on premises. And we will ensure all valuables are securely kept away, either with you or someone you trust.


If you don’t see what you need we let us know and we’ll customize an package that works for you.



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