Why do people choose to have an estate sale?

Estate Sales are the best way to liquidate the entire contents of a home quickly. The obvious reason for an estate sale is the unfortunate loss of a loved one, but people who are moving, downsizing, or simply redecorating will often choose to have an estate sale over trying to liquidate the contents themselves. An estate sale lends validity to the contents that are being sold and brings in a larger crowd that anticipates spending more money than if they are attending a sale that is not professionally conducted.

Why can’t I conduct an estate sale myself?

You can. But when you choose to have Succor Estate Sales conduct your estate sale you are freeing yourself of the burden of not only having to host the estate sale, but also of asking either too much or too little for your belongings. We can take a realistic look at the contents of your home and get you top dollar with the idea of liquidation in mind. We handle all advertising, credit card transactions, research and pricing, and we staff the event so that we are able to keep an eye on the entire home during the sale.

How far in advance should I contact you?

Contact as soon as you know you want to have an estate sale – the sooner the better! We typically need between 3-7 days to turn your home into a retail boutique where everything is organized and displayed beautifully. This time varies dependent on the size of your estate.

What is the process for hosting an estate sale?

Before the Sale
Succor Estate Sales will need full access to your home for the weeks leading up to the sale so that we may organize the home into an attractive boutique where everything is beautifully displayed and priced to sell. We supply all items needed to achieve this – display tables, jewelry cases, clothing racks, etc. This set-up process takes a lot of time and research, and requires that we spend many hours getting to know the contents of your home. We discuss the prices of big-ticket items with you, ensure the belongings you wish to keep are removed before the sale, and work hard to fully satisfy you both before and after we liquidate the home.

During the Sale
Depending on the size of your estate your estate sale could run anywhere from 2-4 days, up to two full weekends. Succor Estate Sales provides all the staff needed to ensure a smooth sale, with people constantly walking the floor and helping customers, a cashier who handles all cash and credit card transactions, and bags sold items, and when necessary security is hired to watch the door.

After the Sale
Once the sale has ended we can use our consignment service for any items of value that have not sold. You may also choose to donate the left over items to charity. For an additional charge we can itemize the remaining items, package them, and arrange for them to be picked up by the charity of your choice. This itemized receipt will come with photos and values that can provide you with a large tax deduction off that year’s taxes. Whatever you choose we will leave the home broom-cleaned.

What is your fee?

Succor Estate Sales makes money when you make money. We do not charge any up front fees, and we do not charge to meet with you initially to discuss hosting your estate sale. The percentage we require comes out of the total sales made from your estate sale, and is dependent on many factors that we will become aware of once we are able to tour your home. For more information please refer to the services section of this website.

What is included in your fee?

Everything! Included in our commission is the cost of advertising, staffing for research and the event, security (when necessary), all supplies, credit card transaction fees, anything that we may need to conduct your sale. The only thing that you may need to cover is the cost of dumpster if it’s deemed necessary in the clean-out process.

Where will you host an estate sale?

Anywhere in southern California – Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Venutra, Orange County, the Valley, Los Angeles, South Bay, Rancho Palos Verdes… just ask.

What else do we need to know?

Just remember not to throw anything away. Everything has value to someone and as my nana always said, “pennies make dollars”.

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