Tips for Realtors: Liquidating an Estate

Being a Los Angeles estate sale company we work with tons of realtors selling estates in the LA area. It’s a shock that this is my first time compiling a tip list for all our realtor friends, but I finally did it! And since I think this information will be helpful to our clients as well I wanted to share it here for everyone to see.

What To Do Before You Call Us

▪ Determine with your client the timeline to have an estate sale or do a clean out which
includes doing a charitable donation and junk removal as needed.
▪ Is it best to proceed prior to listing the home or during the escrow period?
▪ Are there any items you want to remain such as appliances, potted plants, lighting fixtures
▪ If there is an HOA, have you or your client received written approval to have an estate
▪ If you can, please take photos of each room of the home and email them to
us, you can find the appropriate sales rep on our contact page. This will help us determine
the best route for your client and save both you and I time!

Advice For Your Client

▪ Decide what you or family members want to keep before we schedule a free consultation.
▪ Don’t start throwing things away on your own other than financial/ medical/personal documents. We’ve found items of value in dumpsters before!!!

Stay calm! This can be a very overwhelming experience for many people and families but with our assistance, they will start to feel an immense sense of relief with the direction and support we will provide.

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How to Shop Estate Sales

Just like anything new attending an estate sale for the first time can be intimidating; where to park, where you’re allowed access inside the house, what’s for sale, etc. The thing is you don’t need to be intimidated, estate sales are supposed to be fun and welcoming. If you’re new to estate sales, the first thing you should do is walk inside and start talking to the people running the show. Tell them it’s your first estate sale and they’ll give you the down-low on what you can and cannot do. But if you want to be prepared keep reading for some general tips.

1. Parking is usually easy, don’t even worry about it. Just find a spot on the street, but take care to read the signs so you don’t come out feeling like you got a great deal to be greeted with a high-priced parking ticket.

2. You are allowed access to the entire house so long as there are no signs telling you otherwise. Be cool and pay attention to the signs.

3. Use the bathroom before you hit the estate sale, most companies will not allow you to access the bathrooms on site. Trust me, there’s good reason for this. And you don’t want your shopping interrupted by all that early morning coffee.

4. Leave large purses in the car. Most estate sale companies do not allow large purses due to the prospect of theft, but they will allow wallet sizes purses so plan accordingly. Unfortunately one person ruins it for the masses, and we’ve all encountered that one person.

5. If you plan on attending an estate sale on the first day it is open either arrive later in the day or plan on sitting in line for a little while. It’s typical for an estate sale company to limit the number of people entering the house to anywhere from 10-20.

Seriously, have fun! Everything you see is for sale. Picture it in your home, take your sweet time, dig through all the cupboards, and don’t forget to look in the garage and outside the home.

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Shopping Estate Sales in Los Angeles

Join me as I visit an estate sale in Los Angeles, California. We’ll go on a little shopping trip, suss out the competition, and see some fun things along the way.

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Current Obsession: Cat Sculptures

It’s International Cat Day! I’m personally a dog lover but I think every other person on my estate sale team is a cat lover, so in their honor I decided we needed to partake in International Cat Day. How better than to scour the net for some drool worthy art you can add to your home decor right now. These gorgeous pieces have this dog lover considering a new addition, albeit a stationary one, to our home decor.


Sorry guys, I have expensive taste!! The good news is you can find a lot of cat inspired art at estate sales for a small fraction of what these pieces cost. However, if you feel like throwing down some good hard cash on just one I would put my money on the Art Deco cat sculpture from Chairish.


  1. 1940’s Art Deco Cat Sculpture, available at Chairish, $600.
  2. Wooden Folk Art Cat Sculpture, available at Etsy, $200.
  3. Tyler Fritz Danish Modern Inspired Cat Sculptures, available at 1st Dibs, $2695.
  4. Americana Fabric Cat Door Stop, available at Etsy, $12.50.
  5. French Art Nouveau Cat Print, available at Houzz, $699.


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Ken & Erika’s West LA Bungalow

We’re so excited about this weekend’s liquidation estate sale in West LA. There are so many awesome pieces of furniture, an eclectic collection of ethnic decor, vintage boho chic clothing – fun stuff!! Most enthralling of all is the story of Ken and Erika, both extremely interesting in their own right, and their lives are so clearly reflected in the items they collected.

Ken was such an interesting person, excuse me while I just name off thing after amazing thing that Ken accomplished!!

  • Ken’s the guy who is responsible for training the birds in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie, “The Birds”.
  • He was friendly with Walt Disney and was an animal behavior advisor in Disney wildlife films such as “The Living Desert”.
  • Ken travelled the world collecting birds and mammals for work and his own scientific interests, over many years adding specimens to museums.
  • He spent time in Burma hunting man-eating tigers with the infamous Burma Jack!!!
  • He collected rats out of Egypt’s pyramids to be used in his successful search for a cure for Typhus.
  • He spent time in South America and discovered a canyon that nearly rivals the Grand Canyon for size (read: he discovered a magnificent canyon!!!)
  • He collected all manner of animals, birds and mammals throughout Australia and Africa.
  • During the Second World War Major Ken Stager spent six months behind Japanese lines in Burma harassing the enemy.
  • He was a part of the outfit known as Merrill’s Marauders earning a Bronze Star.
  • He was a military advisor for Chiang Kai-sheck’s forces against Chairman Mao’s communists earning the China War Memorial Medal from the Government of the Republic of China for contributions made by American’s in the China Theater during World War II.
  • He was responsible for a number of significant scientific discoveries in the field of ornithology.

What a remarkable life! His family tells us the stories he told and the adventures he had experienced would enthrall any audience – and they were all 100% true.

Ken’s wife Erika led an equally distinguished life. Brazilian by birth Erika moved to Germany with her German born parents at the age of twelve. During WWII her school in Hamburg was bombed and she survived three days under twisted rubble before being rescued (can you imagine!).

After the war, at the age of twenty, her family moved back to South America where she began work in the fashion industry becoming chief fashion buyer for Sears in Brazil. After she met Ken in South America they moved to Los Angeles where she became head of the fashion department for Bullocks, often escorting famous film stars on fashion buying trips to New York and personally outfitting their wardrobes. How exciting!!


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